Food Trucks

Having an office party or private event?

Meet2Eat is ready to cater a yummy event that will fit your budget.

We started our food trucks…

Meet2Eat has two food trucks.  We offer Mexican and Greek food.  We serve delicious tacos and burritos in our Mexican food tuck.  In our Greek food truck we serve organic chicken wraps, lamb and beef kebobs, fish and chips, organic falafel and hot dogs. We mainly use local produce and spices from overseas to achieve the authentic taste of Middle East.

The menu caters to families, vegetarians, and meat lovers. Meet2Eat specializes in catering for office group lunches, movie sets and holiday events.

Simon (the owner) comes from a family of professional chefs and has been passionate about the culinary arts since he was very young. He has been working in the food industry for over 15 years and open his first small restaurant in 2004. He has now taken his delicious recipes to the streets of Vancouver to showcase his cuisine. His trucks can be seen at various locations and events around the city.

We offer a delicious selection of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine including chicken shawarma, beef kebab, vegetarian organic falafel wrap, tacos and Burritos.

Food Truck

Food Truck Menu

Greek Menu


Chipolte Chicken Pita … $15
Organic Veggie Falafel … $15
Beef Kebab … $15
Lamb … $15
Mediterranean Burrito … $15
** All served in a pita bread with salads and dips


Chicken Chipolte … $20
Falafel Plate … $20
Beef plate … $25
Lamb plate … $29
** All served with rice, salad and dips


Hamberger and Chips … $20
Fish and Chips … $20
Jumbo Beef Hotdog + Fries … $10
Chicken Nuggets + Fries … $15

Mexican Menu

Tacos (2 pieces)

In a corn taco topped with lettuce, corn, pineapple, cream, and chipotle sauce

Beef … $15
Fish … $15
Chicken … $15
Vegan/veggie … $15


In a toasted flour tortilla with lettuce, rice, tomato, cucumber, cream, and chipotle sauce

Beef … $15
Fish … $15
Veggie falafel … $15
Chicken … $15
Lamb … $15


All Bowls:
$20 – $29

Chicken rice bowl
Beef rice bowl
Veggie falafel bowl
Lamb rice bowl

More options

Nuggets and fries … $13
Fish and chips … $20
Fries … $7
Water/pop … $3

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