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Enjoy a full range of exciting dishes to suit all tastes and budgets. We will plan your event from start to finish, taking care of each and every detail from room design, flowers set up, professional staff for service and our delicious culinary delights in Vancouver.

When ordering from us you will enjoy the freshest and highest quality ingredients to meet the highest standards in organic Mediterranean cousins. We will do our best to ensure your experience with us is memorable.


We would be pleased to be you’re caterers.


Served Fresh Every Day

The Meet2Eat way ensures the highest food quality, taste, texture, and food safety!


Meet2Eat has been the proud supplier of nutritious lunchtime Meals to students in schools since 2006.


We offer two options of food:

1) assembled and served fresh on-site

2) pre-packaging using only the freshest ingredients


Our food is prepared in peanut/nut free and have been designed with children in mind and a focus on keeping them healthy!

Meet2Eat Food Truck
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We bring the fun and unique food truck experience directly to your event with a creative and delicious menu to match!


Pair with our fantastic and flexible service options, Meet2Eat will ensure your event is a success.


Meet2Eat will work within your budget, event style, needs and wants to create a customized experience for your event attendees.


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From weddings to private events to a “hey guys, do you think we can find out a way to expense this?” corporate lunch – we do it all.

Office and Private

Catered Parties

Mexican Menu

Tacos (2 pieces)

In a corn taco topped with lettuce, corn, pineapple, cream, and chipotle sauce

  • Beef $10
  • Fish $12
  • Chicken $10
  • Vegan/veggie $10


In a toasted flour tortilla with lettuce, rice, tomato, cucumber, cream, and chipotle sauce

  • Beef $10
  • Fish $13
  • Veggie falafel $12
  • Chicken $12
  • Lamb $13


  • Chicken rice bowl $15
  • Veggie falafel bowl $15
  • Lamb rice bowl $15
  • Chipotle chicken on salad $15

More options

  • Nuggets and fries $10
  • Fish and chips $10
  • Fries $5
  • Water/pop $2

What Our Customers Say

Let me start off this review by saying that I hate Falafel. Or rather hated Falafel ... until I ate it here. I was so used to the greasy, over-fried golf balls that I never really gave it a chance.


Imagine my surprise when I decided to try it again here, only to have my previous opinion wiped out by these scrumptious, crispy ovals of chickpea Kosher deliciousness. The Falafel plate was excellent, with so many flavours coming together, with the perfect falafel at the centre. It makes a perfect light lunch, but if you have a bigger appetite, be prepared to leave wanting more.


Also, the staff (I'm assuming they're also the owners) there were very warm and friendly and made the cozy restaurant inviting and pleasant.


Take it from this former Falafel-hater: Do yourself a favour and ignore all the big box stores and chains, and get yourself a good, honest meal from some very nice people.



- Nik C.

Vancouver, BC

I got hooked on falafel years ago on a trip to Israel. The falafel at Falafel Plus is as good as what I remember eating in Israel, and is waaaay better than any falafel I've eaten anywhere else. And it's organic, too!

Highly recommended!


- Richard D.

Vancouver, BC

Authentic Israeli falafel. They fry the falafel fresh for you as you order it.


- Marc D.

Vancouver, BC

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